The "Blocked" Cat: Urethral Obstruction of the Male Cat

Orange cat freeThis condition represents the male cat's inability to empty his bladder. This can happen for a variety of reasons: crystalin or mucous material material blocking the urethra, urethral stones, uretheral scarring or spasms, and more rarely uretheral tumors. 
The urethra is the tube through which urine is carried from the bladder to the outside world. Because of the anatomy of the male cat's urethra, this species and gender are  particularly predisposed to this life threatening situation. 
When urine is unable to leave the body, the toxins which it contains are reabsorbed into the blood stream causing a variety of serious complications, most notable being kidney failure and an elevated potassium level which eventually leads to severe heart rhythm abnormalities. 

September: The Labrador Retriever

lab freeHistory of the Breed
The Labrador's lineage goes back to 16th century Newfoundland.  This dog was the fisherman's working dog, helping to carry ropes to boats and retrievinng fishing nets in the water.  The labrador's predessor, the St. John's water dog, had tuxedo markings of a white chest, feet, chin and muzzle.  This trait will occasionally be expressed in our modern day labradors as a white spot on the chest (known as a medallion), or stray white hairs on the feet or muzzle. 
Valued for it's loyal and brave personality, the labrador retriever is the quinesential dog.  Friends with everyone, the labrador makes a great family dog.  Labradors love being outdoors and need plenty of exercise.  They are excellent at the job they were bred to do, which is retrieving.  If your family is not one of hunters, then labradors would love to retrieve sticks and balls to fullfill that natural instinct. 
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