Pet Health Insurance

Pet Health Insurance

Health Insurance for pets is becoming increasingly popular, but it is also confusing to figure out which company and policy is the best one for you and your pet. 

Pet Insurance and your visit to the veterinarian:

All pet health insurance companies operate by reimbursing the client after they have paid their bill with the veterinarian.  If you have health insurance for your pet, please bring your claim forms with you to your veterinary visit, and we can help you get the necessary paperwork and signatures together so you can submit your claim.

How does Pet Health Insurance work?

Each company has different plans based on what you want covered.  Some plans cover preventative health care, such as vaccines and dental cleanings, other plans cover accident or illness’s only.  At Westgate Pet Clinic, we think that the best plan for the consumer is one that covers accidents and illness’s only.  Most pet owners can financially plan for their pet’s routine health care needs.  Generally where trouble arises is if your pet gets ill or is in an accident and needs emergency care, surgery, or has an intensive hospital stay.

When should I get health insurance?

It is best to buy health insurance when your pet is young.  Almost all insurance companies have pre-existing condition clauses.  Purchasing insurance after your pet has developed a health problem will likely not be a financial advantage.

What insurance should I choose?

It is important to research and understand whatever policy you choose for your pet.  At Westgate Pet Clinic, we do not endorse a specific company nor do we receive “kick backs” or reimbursements from any company.  What we heard from our clients, however, was that they needed help choosing a plan.  We did our research and can recommend Trupanion, Embrace, Pet Plan, and Healthy Paws as a good choices if you are interested in purchasing insurance for your pet. 

What if my pet gets sick and I don’t have insurance?

Westgate Pet Clinic offers Care Credit and Payment Banc as budgeting tools for your pet.   

Care Credit is a credit card for your pet. Westgate Pet Clinic allows for 6 months of no-interest financing to help you manage your veterinary expenses.  Visit  for more information.  The best thing about Care Credit is that you can use it at most of our local referral hospitals and emergency clinics as well!  (Please note, their financing terms may differ from ours). 

Payment Banc: If Care Credit is not an option for you, our clinic has also partnered with Payment Banc.  After a $25 set-up fee and a 25% down payment,  Payment Banc will divide your veterinary bill into monthly payments for up to a 12 month period.  Each month, Payment Banc will process the pre-determined amount on your personal credit card. 

Care Credit and Payment Banc are not just options for when your pet gets sick.  You can use these budgeting tools for Wellness Visits, Heartworm and Flea Tick preventatives, Vaccines and Medications!

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