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Grass Gnat Bites

It's Gnat Bite Season!

Every spring, we get a "rash" of phone calls about round, red lesions on the belly. Often times, these are "grass gnat" (also called black fly) bites.  These biting insects emerge and create worrisome bite marks on dogs.  The bites usually show up on the belly or groin area where there is less fur.  The bites are red, round and flat to the skin.  As the bite resolves, it will often take on a target appearance.  The good news is that these bites are not harmful to the dog.  The bite marks usually resolve over several days.  If your dog has red marks on his belly that are not raised or itchy, there is a possibility that it is simply a grass fly bite.  However, we don't want you to ignore a problem if it is something more significant.  If you notice red lesions on your dog that are raised, have discharge, are scaly, or if your dog is itchy, please make an appointment to bring your dog in to the clinic as this is likely another problem.  The picture attached is a good example of what these fly bites look like.  If you have any questions, please call the clinic at 612-925-1121.  

grass gnats


Response to COVID-19. Curbside Service

Updated 3/1/2021
***Current Hours***
Monday: 8 am to 6 pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: 8 am to 6 pm
Thursday: 8 am to 6 pm
Friday: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday: 8 am to 1 pm
Surgery intake: M-F 7:00 am to 7:20am
Hello Westgate Clients,
We hope that everyone is staying healthy and safe while we navigate this pandemic together. Thank you to everyone for your understanding and patience while we balance continuing to provide care to our patients while keeping our staff and clients safe. 
Masks Required
Please wear a mask when bringing your pet to the veterinarian for an appointment or when using our pick up door for food and prescriptions or dropping off of specimens.  If you do not have a mask we will ask you to purchase one for $1 and put it on before continuing with the interaction.  
New Clients
Unfortunately, our appointment schedule does not allow us to accept any new clients until further notice. We will update our home page once this restriction lifts. If you need assistance in finding a new clinic, we recommend pet owners use the American Animal Hospital Association's (AAHA) website to find an accredited clinic near you to ensure they have committed to the same level of care that Westgate provides its clients. The website to use is:
Surgery Drop-Off
Surgery patients should be dropped off between 7-7:20am. 
Patient Appointments: Curbside Service
When you arrive for your appointment, please text the number posted on the door and yard signs.  When the doctor is ready, we will call you to bring your pet to the front door. Clients are not allowed in the building except for euthanasia appointments. The call may come from a blocked number as doctors and staff are using personal cell phones to free up our clinic phone lines.  Please stay at the clinic to wait for your pet unless your pet is having testing or treatments done and the doctor says you can leave.  Pets that are left without approval from the veterinary staff may incur a boarding fee. 
Prescription and Food Pick up and Specimen Drop-off
When you arrive at Westgate for one of these needs, please come to the France Ave sidewalk door. We have space for clients to step into the building to pick up medications and drop off any samples. The door will be unlocked, but remain closed as a safety measure in the unlikely event that an animal that is here for an exam gets loose in the lobby.  Please be aware that only 3 clients are allowed into the lobby to allow proper social distancing. Masks are required per a Minneapolis city ordinance.
Please follow these rules when coming to our pick-up door:
1.) Send only one family member for this interaction, and no children under 16 years of age. 
2.) If you are sick with respiratory symptoms, have recently been tested positive for COVID, or have had close contact with a COVID positive person in the last 14 days, please do not use the pick-up door.  Please send a friend or family member that is not ill or has not been in close contact with the COVID positive person.  If this is not possible, please call the clinic and we will make special arrangements for drop-off or pick-up of items.   
3.) Minneapolis Law requires wearing a face mask in public, so please wear a face mask when coming to the pick-up window. If you are not wearing a mask, we will ask you to purchase one for $1 and put one on during the interaction.  
4.) Queue spaces will be marked on the lobby floor as you step into the building. Please stay 6 feet from other clients until one of our receptionists is available to help you.
If you are exhibiting respiratory symptoms, or have been diagnosed with COVID
Please do not bring your animal to the veterinarian for at least 2 weeks.  If your animal has an urgent need that requires veterinary attention during this time frame, please have a healthy person bring your pet to the veterinarian and inform us of your illness.  If there is no one that can bring your pet to the veterinarian for you, please call and consult with your veterinarian to develop a plan for treating your pet.  
On-line Payments  
The veterinary team may email your invoice instead of taking payment over the phone.  To pay your emailed bill on-line  Click here to access this payment option.  Thank you for choosing Westgate Pet Clinic. 
General COVID animal recommendations:  
Pet owners should adopt good hygiene practices (including handwashing before and after being around or handling animals, their food, or supplies, as well as avoiding kissing them) and should maintain a clean and hygienic household environment. 
People who are sick should restrict contact with animals. If there are any changes in the health condition of the pets, advice from a veterinarian should be sought as soon as possible.


It is important to know that there is currently no evidence that pet animals can be a source of COVID-19 for humans or that this virus can cause the disease in dogs. Pet owners should always maintain good hygiene practices and under no circumstances should they abandon their pets. 


If you are COVID-19 positive, these are the pet handling recommendations:  Owners are advised to separate themselves from the rest of their family,  including using a separate bathroom if there is one (that is for human protection), and have another member of the family care for the pet(s) within the household. Pets should not move out of the household unless absolutely necessary. If a single individual needs to care for their pet, or someone with a service animal, contact should be minimized, and the individual should practice good hygiene for themselves and for the pet (copious washing of hands before and after interactions, including handling of bedding, bowls, etc). If a COVID-19 positive individual is no longer able to care for their pet, they should contact their local public health department for direction and assistance.  

The AVMA is the best resource for getting up to date COVID related animal information.  Click Here for a direct link. 


Medications and Food for home delivery

* For non-urgent prescriptions, please consider having your prescription delivered to you through our on-line pharmacy.  ON-LINE PHARMACY DIRECT LINK

* This link is available on our website by clicking on "Prescriptions" and then choose "Home Delivery". As with our in-store pharmacy, we work hard to keep our on-line pharmacy prices competitive and we appreciate your business. 
* For patients eating a prescription Hills/Science Diet food, we have a great service called "Hills to Home" that we can set up for you. Email us at frontdesk@westgatepetclinicmn.com  to set this up. 
Flea/Tick and Heartworm Pill Medications
Did you know that we recommend year-round Heartworm and Flea & Tick prevention? Ticks can be active anytime the temperature is above freezing and fleas can be active year-round.  If you are not already using Nexgard or Frontline monthly, please start now.  In addition, we are seeing an increase in intestinal parasites like roundworms and hookworms. These intestinal parasites can be spread to people, so it is important to control these infections in animals.  The monthly Heartworm preventative helps protect against intestinal parasites as well as Heartworm Disease.  If your pet is due for his or her annual fecal exam, please don't neglect to bring a stool sample in for evaluation. 
We have great deals if you buy your Heartworm and Flea Tick Preventative from Westgate. (And THANK YOU for buying from your veterinarian!)  You can call to pick up medications at the clinic, or you can purchase your medications through our online pharmacy for home delivery. 
We are currently offering a very competitive deal if you purchase a year's supply of your heartworm and flea/tick preventative directly from Westgate Pet Clinic.  If you purchase 12 doses of Heartgard and 10 doses of Nexgard at Westgate, you will receive 2 free doses of Nexgard and a $60 rebate. At the time of our research, this deal is better than most online pharmacies. For example, for a 60-pound dog, through our clinic, the cost for these medications is $309 whereas through Chewy's this would cost $317.  To purchase the Nexgard/Heartgard deal either call the pharmacy line at  612-568-1405 or order through the clinic website by clicking here and choose prescription pick up at the clinic. (Please note- these prices are without tax). 
You can also have your preventatives mailed to you by using our online pharmacy.  The deals below apply to both in-clinic and Westgate Pet Clinic's on-line pharmacy. Click Here for Home Delivery. 
Frontline Deals: 
Buy 6 get 1 free. 
Nexgard Deals: 
Buy 6 get a $15 instant rebate
Buy 12 get a $35 instant rebate
Heartgard Deals
Buy 12 and get a $15 instant rebate
Combo Deals
Buy 12 Heartgard + 6 Nexgard and you will get a $35 instant rebate
Buy 12 Heartgard + 12 Nexgard and you will get a $60 instant rebate. 
**Qualifying purchases must be on the same invoice and cannot be spread across pets for the instant rebates**

Our Mission:

We provide the quality care our clients expect and their pets deserve, by relying on the expertise and
compassion of each team member.


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