End of Life Decisions

We at Westgate Pet Clinic understand how difficult the decision to euthanize a beloved pet can be.  Once you have made the decision with your veterinarian that it is time, we find that there are often questions that may be too difficult to discuss in person or over the phone.  We offer the following description in order to allow clients to have common questions answered, from the privacy of their home.

When the decision has been made, call Westgate to Make an Appointment with your veterinarian.  When arriving at Westgate we offer an alternative, more private, entrance into the building.  Please feel comfortable to enter and exit through the back Westgate Comfort Roomdoor.  The door is locked, so clients will often call us from the parking lot, or before they leave their home, and we will meet them when they arrive.  You will be met by your doctor or an assistant in our Comfort Room.  It is very important to us that our clients understand, if wanted, they can spend as much time with their companions before and after euthanasia. Whether you stay with your pet  throughout the process or decide to leave, we understand that this is a very personal choice and we support either decision made.

There are two options regarding a pet’s remains.  If an owner would like to have ashes returned to them, individual cremation is an option.  With individual cremation, your pet’s ashes will be returned in a cardboard box, wrapped in a velvet bag.  Special urns are also available. Ashes are returned to the clinic and ready for owners to pick up within one to two weeks.  We will call you as soon as they arrive. If an owner elects not to receive ashes, a respectful cremation will still be performed.  The cremation service we use is the Veterinary Hospital Association (VHA).

If you do not know upon arrival which option you would prefer, you can take as much time as you need to decide.   We also offer an imprint of your pet’s paw in a piece of clay, that will be sent home with you to be baked.  

The cost of euthanasia varies depending on cremation and urn options.  We can provide a more detailed estimate once you have made your decision regarding remains.  We find that receiving an invoice in the mail after a pet is deceased can be too painful for owners, therefore we accept payment at the time of services, in a private setting.  

Please feel free to call us with any questions regarding euthansia at Westgate Pet Clinic

For clients seeking at-home euthanasia services, we recommend MN Pets.  For clients looking for attended cremation, Pets Remembered, offers that service.  They can also pick up your pet for cremation if your pet dies at home.  

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