small animal veterinarian care

Rabbits, Rodents and Guinea Pigs

Rabbits, rodents and guinea pigs need to be treated very differently from dogs and cats.  For example, rabbits have a digestive tract more like a horse, and certain medications can be toxic.  Guinea Pigs need Vitamin C supplemented in their water or they will get scurvy.  And rodents are prone to a variety of tumors. 

Two of our doctors at Westgate Pet Clinic, Dr. Deb Reed and Dr. Brek Perry,  have a special interest and extra training in small animal veterinary care for animals such as rabbits, rodents and guinea pigs.  They can make coming to the doctor easier by handling your exotic pet with special care.  If your pet needs medication, we can also formulate it into a flavored liquid that should make administration easier.

For an appointment, call Westgate Pet Clinic at 612-925-1121 and request to see Dr. Reed or Dr. Perry.