Dr. Carolyn Karlin

The Truth Behind Some Commonly Held Nutrition Notions

Is Corn Bad? With advertisements for pet foods touting, they “never use corn,” “No corn,” and “corn is not an ingredient in our dog food,” the implication is that corn is bad in pet foods. These arguments seem to be based on three ideas—that corn is poorly digested, corn is a cheap filler, and corn…

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It’s Not the Flu, It’s Roundworm

With heightened concern about swine flu, parents in India have been taking their children with respiratory signs to the pediatrician. An increasing number of Indian children with cold, cough, and fever, have been diagnosed with roundworm infections. Closer to home, there have been prominent cases of human infections with roundworm and hookworm in the United…

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Weight Loss For Pets

Dr. Carolyn Karlin The Weighty Problem:Obesity is a growing problem with serious health consequences among our adult pet population. Estimates are that over 40% of the adult dog and cat population is overweight or obese. Being overweight not only predisposes cats to diabetes mellitus, but some studies have found obesity to be a risk factor…

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