Grass Gnat Bites

Every spring, we get a “rash” of phone calls about round, red lesions on the belly. Often times, these are “grass gnat” (also called black fly) bites. These biting insects emerge and create worrisome bite marks on dogs. The bites usually show up on the belly or groin area where there is less fur. The bites are red, round and flat to the skin. As the bite resolves, it will often take on a target appearance.

The good news is that these bites are not harmful to the dog. The bite marks usually resolve over several days. If your dog has red marks on his belly that are not raised or itchy, there is a possibility that it is simply a grass fly bite. However, we don’t want you to ignore a problem if it is something more significant. If you notice red lesions on your dog that are raised, have discharge, are scaly, or if your dog is itchy, please Make an Appointment to bring your dog in to the clinic as this is likely another problem.

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