Lumbosacral Disease

LS disease, or lumbosacral disease refers to a disease of the lower back. An explanation of the anatomy of the lower spine will help to understand this disease further. The vertebrae are the bones that surround and protect the spinal cord. Dogs and cats have 7 cervical (neck) vertebrae, 13 thoracic (chest) vertebrae, 7 lumbar…

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Link Between Grain-Free Diets & Heart Disease

Several years ago, Dr. Josh Stern, a veterinary cardiologist at the University of California Davis noticed an alarming trend. He began diagnosing more and more Golden Retrievers with a heart disease called Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM), an unusual disease in Golden Retrievers. In this condition, the heart muscles dilate, the heart enlarges and no longer can…

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Hookworms are a Problem in Southwest Minneapolis

There is a parasite lurking in our area that the public should be aware of, and that all dog owners can help to control. That parasite is called hookworm. Hookworm is found throughout the world, however, in Minnesota, we see two different species: Ancylostoma caninum and Uncinaria stenocephala which are both carried by dogs. Hookworm…

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Help! My Cat is Urinating Outside the Litter Box

If your kitty starts to urinate outside of the litter box, this can be a very frustrating problem that can seriously damage the bond you have with your cat. The good news is that your veterinarian can help you sort through this problem, and hopefully help you correct it, so that you and your cat…

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What is an Oral Prophylaxis?

At Westgate Pet Clinic we are very proud of the services we offer and our approach to oral health care is no different. There was a recent expose on ABC’s 20/20 regarding oral care in our pets and the veterinarian’s role in promoting such care. The point of the episode was that veterinarians tend to…

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USDA Accredited Veterinarian Services

Westgate Pet Clinic employees several USDA accredited veterinarians. What exactly is an accredited veterinarian and what role do they play in animal health? Hundreds of thousands of animals move across our borders every year via exports and imports. How do we protect our food supply and prevent the introduction of unwanted diseases that may not…

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Meet Dr. Google

As a veterinarian, every day I see sick patients that have already been diagnosed by Dr. Google with a myriad of conditions. Some appear reasonable; others, however, are way out in left field. There was a time when I would dread the words “So I saw on the internet that Fluffy could have [Fill in…

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Managing Pain for Surgery Patients

Pain management is an integral part of any anesthetic or surgical plan for Westgate Pet Clinic patients undergoing invasive procedures. Studies have demonstrated the benefits relating to patient comfort and fewer post-operative complications with good pain control. Good pain control starts at the planning stages of the procedure. Each patient is thoroughly evaluated for what…

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What is Polyuria – AKA Why is my Pet Drinking and Urinating So Much?

Increased water drinking and increased urination in dogs and cats is a common problem. Because every animal needs to maintain water balance, any increase in water intake would result in greater elimination of urine and likewise, any increase in urination would result in a water deficit (dehydration) prompting an increase in thirst and water consumption….

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Tis the Season of Torn Toenails

Gotta love Minnesota in the winter. Massive temperature fluctuations, snow, ice, bonding with your neighbors over getting cars unstuck (I actually enjoy this one). We get to chip feces out of our yards to avoid a massive poop-melt in the spring, and try to convince our furry friends that eliminating outside is still a good…

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