Preventative Care for Indoor vs Outdoor Cats

Indoor Cat Definition: Never steps outside the house except for a car trip to vet Outdoor Cat Definition: A cat that leaves the house, even if only occasionally. Examples Indoor Cat Vaccinations Rabies Purevax once a year, starting at 12 weeks of age. Rabies exposure for the indoor cat is usually through contact with a…

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How to Care for Your Rat

Rats are easy to care for and friendly. Read on for health tips. Diet: Rat pellets are complete and balanced. Mazuri is a good brand. The seed mixtures can be fed as a treat. Fruit and vegies in small amounts are enjoyed. Rats don’t have problems with overgrowth of harmful bacteria like the guinea pigs…

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How to Care for Your Rabbit

Rabbits that are well socialized make great family pets. Below are some important care instructions for rabbits. Diet: Feed timothy hay-based rabbit pelleted food free choice until full grown, then ¼ cup per 5# rabbit per day. You can feed alfalfa-based pellets until six months old but avoid them afterward as it can cause sludgy…

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How to Care for Your Hamster

Hamsters are furry, cute and entertaining to watch. They do have a short life span, only 12-18 months, for the dwarfs; 2 yrs for the Teddy Bears.Cage – plastic bottom, wires spaced safely for the size of the hamster. The dwarfs can get their head through some bars and get caught. Use Care Fresh bedding….

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How to Care for Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are wonderful little pets, and who can resist their sweet little squeaks? Read on for important information on the proper care of your guinea pig. Diet: Pelleted food for guinea pigs has some Vitamin C added, but it’s never enough, so it’s recommended to feed a source of Vitamin C daily. makes…

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Kennel Cough – It’s not just for Dogs who go to the Kennel!

Canine kennel cough (or infectious tracheobronchitis) is a respiratory disease that is spread through aerosolized bacteria or viruses, so your dog doesn’t have to be boarded at a kennel to get exposed. Vaccination for kennel cough may be recommended for your dog based upon his or her level of exposure to other dogs as well…

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM has formed the foundation for the practice of acupuncture over the last 5000 years. Long before western medicine provided insight into the pathophysiology of health and disease, TCM understood these phenomena through the theories of Yin, Yang and Qi. TCM sees life through a lens of balance. Disease occurs when…

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Medical Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient healing art that dates back 5,000 years. Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors discovered centuries ago that the body has an amazing power to heal itself if given the right stimulation. Although the benefits of acupuncture have been known for a long time, it is only recently that science has stepped in to…

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A Hookworm Invasion

We have noted over the past year or two an alarming increase in intestinal parasites in our area, and particularly in Hookworms. We’re not entirely sure why this is happening. It may be due to milder winters, an increased resistance of the worms to the medications used to kill them, or maybe the higher number…

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What Pet Owners Should Know About CBD

CBD, or cannabidiol, has become a popular supplement for humans and pets in the last few years. Many claims are made purporting a variety of benefits, from pain control to anxiety treatment. Current, but very limited research suggests possible uses for pain and seizure control in dogs, with a relatively wide safety margin. What is…

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GI Stasis in Rabbits and Guinea Pigs