Catherine Hageman, MS, DVM, CvMA


1992 – BS in Industrial Engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison

1993 – MS in Industrial Engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison

2002 – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University

2004 – Colorado Veterinary Medical Association, Medical Acupuncture Program, Certified Veterinary Medical Acupuncturist (CvMA)

Areas of Interest

Special interests: I left a career in engineering to become a veterinarian (my original childhood dream) in my 30s and couldn’t be happier with my choice. It’s been incredible sharing in so many families’ lives with their pets, and nurturing long-term relationships. I enjoy all aspects of medical care, but am especially committed to providing thorough geriatric support and gentle, end of life “comfort care.” And despite years of seeing positive acupuncture responses, I continue to be truly amazed by the impact of incorporating acupuncture in the management of painful or debilitating conditions in all ages of pets.

Finally, I feel strongly that cats are an under-served part of our pet population and emphasize making their visits as “low stress” as possible (both for the cats’ and their families’ sakes!).

Free time pursuits: Hiking, walking the dogs, snowshoeing, traveling (anywhere in the world)… all preferably en route to the next interesting bakery, cafe or farmer’s market. I’m also an avid reader and volunteer with food banks.

Professional Affiliations:

·  American Veterinary Medical Association

·  Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association

·  American Association of Feline Practitioners

·  International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management

·  Fear Free Certified Practitioner

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