How to Care for Pocket Pets

Children often want a small pet that they can call their own.  Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and rats are fun additions to the family.  They are generally low maintenence making them perfect free rabbitas an introduction to proper care of animals.  Each of these species has their own special considerations, but a common theme is that their water is changed daily, they should be fed a well balanced food, and their cage cleaned at least weekly.  For the more social species (rabbits, guinea pigs and rats) daily handling and play is also important to their well being.  With patience, hamsters can also be trained to accept handling, but for these little creatures, making sure their environment is stimulating is more important.  Find your species in the links below to learn more about proper care.

How to Care for your Rabbit

How to Care for your Guinea Pig

How to Care for your Rat

How to Care for your Hamster