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Traveling by Boat

cruiseMany dogs love being on a boat, but some may need some help getting used to traveling on one.  The most important item to have with you when your pet is on a boat is of course a floatation life vest!

Here are some examples of sturdy floatation vests for your dog:


The Dog Outdoors

The next things to consider are what type of boat are you going to be on, where will you be going, and how long are you going to be on the boat at a time?  For extended periods of time on a boat with not many land breaks, you can train your dog to eliminate on potty pads or fake grass that is easy to clean.  If you are going to be on a public boat or cruise it will be important to find out the designated areas on the boat where your pet is allowed to go and allowed to eliminate.  If you are traveling internationally with your pet by boat, you will need an international health certificate signed by your veterinarian with you at all times.  Each country has different requirements that need to be met before you bring your pet to them and these regulations can change at any time.  It will be very important to look up the requirements to any country you will be traveling to using this website below:

USDA international export requirements by destination country

Keep in mind pets can get sunburned too, so it is a good plan to have some pet-safe sunscreen to put on their nose and skin.  This is especially true for dogs with lighter colored fur or if your dog has a thin hair coat.  Ask your veterinarian what sunscreen product they would recommend for pets with sensitive skin.

Here is a link that talks about traveling by boat with your pet:

AVMA: FAQ, traveling with your pet

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