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Camping and Hiking

tentWhen thinking about camping or hiking with an animal, most people think of dogs, however, the following links and recommendations could be applied to a cat who enjoys hiking through the woods in a harness.  In general, though, our links and suggestions will mostly center around our canine friends.

To bring your dog camping and hiking with you, you must consider, again, if they are healthy enough for all of that activity or not.  If they are overweight, for example, long hikes on a hot day may cause heat exhaustion.  Always bring enough water for both you and your pet and hike as far as your health may limit you.  Never push your dog too far!  If you know you are going to be hiking a great deal in the future, you may want to work your dog up to the distance slowly and months ahead of time.  If you are worried your pet is overweight, you should discuss with your veterinarian a healthy amount of food and exercise and make changes slowly over time.

You should look up the dog regulations to the places you plan on hiking and camping, and make sure they allow dogs.  Many national parks do not!  Many trails also require you to have your dog on a leash while walking so as to not bother other hikers or run after a wild animal and get hurt.  Bring lots of water from home and avoid letting your dog drink out of ponds and standing water as they may be exposed to bacteria that could make them sick.  Boiling the water before you let your pet drink it also ensures their water is uncontaminated.

Here are some links to pet friendly lodgings along Minnesota's North Shore:

Lutsen Lodging pet friendly

Superior Pet Friendly Site

Visiting Duluth: Lodging Listing

Nation-wide search of dog friendly hotels, events, campgrounds, parks, beaches, dining and skiing

There are many products out there for dogs going on a camping and hiking trip.  Some good items may be a pack harness that allows the dog to carry some water and easy to clean, collapsible containers.  Depending on the terrain you are hiking through, it may be a good idea to get a vest that protects your dog’s chest and abdomen from tall reeds, sticks or even barbed wire.

Here is a good link for items to bring with you on your hiking and camping trip:

REI: Hiking with your dog advice and equipment

Another very important item to bring with you on your camping and hiking trip is a first aid kit for dogs.  Basic items like bandaging materials, safe cleaning materials, and eyewash are just a few things you may find you are grateful you have with you!  Here are some great resources and lists of first aid items that would be good to pack along on your trip:

REI book: Field guide to first aid for dogs

Humane Society: Pet first aid tips

Red Cross: pet first aid kit (**This is the best one!!**)

FAQ: What to put in a first aid kit

AVMA: Emergency care, pet first aid check-list

ASPCA: pet first aid kit, sold on-line

Hopefully you will never need it, but having the number to poison control could be a lifesaver!

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Hotline

Emergency Veterinary Clinic search engine



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