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Our Veterinarians

The veterinarians at Westgate Pet Clinic are progressive, knowledgeable and compassionate.  With 10 veterinarians, we have combined over 200 years of experience in veterinary medicine! We share these experiences and our expertise with each other daily.  From simply consulting on a case, to formal journal clubs and continuing education meetings, the doctors at Westgate Pet Clinic strive to keep abreast of the constantly changing world of veterinary medicine.  Besides being able to consult with each other, the other nice thing about having a large group of doctors for our clients to choose from is that you likely will find one or two of us that you develop a special bond with.   That relationship is what makes our jobs as veterinarians the most satisfying.  Being there for our clients and their pets through all of their life stages is the best part of our jobs.
Our Doctors
Pictured above: Back-Dr. Hageman, Dr. Mirodone, Dr. Perry, Dr. Aliano & Dr. Melin. Front-Dr. Reed & Dr. Hershey;
Not Pictured-Dr. Karlin, Dr. Downie and Dr. Norton-Bower.

Catherine Hageman, MS, DVM, CvMA

1992 – BS in Industrial Engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison

1993 – MS in Industrial Engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison

2002 – DVM from Colorado State University

2004 – Colorado Veterinary Medical Association, Medical Acupuncture Program, Certified Veterinary Medical Acupuncturist (CvMA)

Areas of Interest

Special Interests in Veterinary Medicine: I truly enjoy nurturing long-term relationships and all aspects of preventative care, including weight management, as well as the diagnosis of challenging gastrointestinal and dermatologic problems. I also feel strongly that cats are an under-served part of our pet population and have a special focus on making cat visits as “low stress” as possible. Finally, I love to see the positive results of incorporating acupuncture in the management of painful or debilitating medical conditions.

Professional Affiliations:

American Veterinary Medical Association

Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association

American Association of Feline Practitioners

International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management



My husband and I currently share our home with a cantankerous elderly rescue cat Sanchi-San who delights in torturing our two rescue dogs, Gracie the German Shepherd mix and Herm, the dachshund-schnauzer mix.

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06 November 2014
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02 February 2016
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11 February 2017
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Teresa Hershey, DVM, CCRT, CvMA

Cotter High School, Winona, MN 1991

University of Minnesota- Duluth,  BS in Animal Science 1994

University of Minnesota- College of Veterinary Medicine, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 1998

Canine Rehabilitation Institute, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT) 2010

Colorado Veterinary Medical Association, Medical Acupuncture Program, Certified Veterinary Medical Acupuncturist (CvMA) 2012


Areas of Interest

Special Interests in Veterinary Medicine:  I have a special interest in geriatric pets and using all of the tools available to veterinary medicine, including rehabilitation therapy and acupuncture, to enhance animals' overall quality of life.  I also love dermatology and allergy management. 

Hobbies:  I love to spend time with my family and friends.  My favorite thing to do is travel with my husband and 2 children, Jackson (15) and Julia (13).  I also enjoy reading, cooking, camping, hiking and  I have learned to love gardening after many years of failed attempts

Professional  Affiliations:

American Veterinary Medical Association

Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association- President 2008

Minnesota Veterinary Historical Society- Board Member

University of Minnesota Alumni and Friends Society- Board Member

International Veterinary Acdademy of Pain Management

Boy scouts of America- Proud mom of an Eagle Scout

Girl scouts of the United States of America- Cookie mom more years then I can recall


I am the proud mother of an 8 year old yellow lab named "Buckey". He has the most expressive ears and the sweetest temperament.

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15 June 2006
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25 November 2014
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26 March 2015
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11 April 2015
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02 February 2016
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05 March 2016
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11 February 2017
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12 February 2017
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12 March 2017
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Erik Melin, DVM

I grew up in Rochester, MN and attended John Marshall High School.  I graduated from St. Olaf College with a BA in Chemistry in 1996, and from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine in 2000.  I have undergone additional training in veterinary endoscopy and laparoscopy.

Areas of Interest

Special Interests in Veterinary Medicine:  I have special interests in endoscopy, laparoscopic surgery and ophthalmology.  


Hobbies:  I enjoy running, Golden Gopher Basketball, trivia, and most of all spending time outdoors with my wife and 3 sons.


Professional Affiliations:  

American  Veterinary Medical Association

Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association

American Animal Hospital Association


I currently enjoy living with a 15 year old diabetic Schnoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle), Tom, a 10 year old Schnauzer, Rikki, and a 16 year old domestic shorthair cat Ollie. We also have 3 chickens.


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09 January 2007
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26 November 2007
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10 June 2008
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18 January 2010
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18 January 2010
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15 November 2010
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17 August 2012
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01 April 2013
Diarrhea, The other “D” Word, 4952 views.
08 January 2014
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25 February 2015
Common Eye Problems, 2316 views.
02 February 2016
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Deb Reed, DVM

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota 1982

Areas of Interest

Special Interests in Veterinary Medicine: Dr. Reed is especially interested in heart disease and treatment, internal medicine, and geriatric diseases such as kidney disease of dogs and cats. She also likes helping guinea pigs, rabbits, rats and hamsters live healthy lives, as these are often the first animals that kids have as pets.



Dr. Reed, her husband and two sons have enjoyed the company of many animals and currently have 1 dog (Mickey), 1 cat (Tweetie); a rabbit (Poppy), and 5 horses (Solas, Hannah, Billy, Howdy and King).

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19 June 2011
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08 September 2013
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12 March 2017
Preventative Care for Indoor vs. Outdoor Cats, 698 views.
Brek Perry, DVM

1990 - BS in Bacteriology from University of Wisconsin-Madison;
1994 - DVM from University of Wisconsin-Madison;

Areas of Interest

Special Interests in Veterinary Medicine: Professionally I enjoy surgery, dentistry and ophthalmology. I truly enjoy the relationships developed with clients as we strive to maintain the best quality of life for our patients.


Hobbies:  During my free time I enjoy gardening, woodworking, a variety of sports (hockey and Alpine skiing are my favorites) and most importantly Family Time with my wife Tara, son Liam (6 yrs), my daughter Hazel (3 yrs), my son Kelton (1.5years) and looking forward to our newest additioin due in April 2015.   


Professional Affiliations:

American Animal Hospital Association

American Veterinary Medical Association

Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association

American Veterinary Dental Society

Minnesota Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps


Penny - 12 yr. old Black Lab; Syd 16 yr old - DSH; Tigger - 11 yr old DSH; Adams - 12 yr old Burmese. All are from a humane society or rescue group with their individual stories as to how they became a part of our family.

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Rhonda Downie, DVM

Mankato State University B.A.

University of Minnesota, D.V.M.

Areas of Interest

Special Interests in Veterinary Medicine:  I enjoy working with clients to keep their pets healthy.  I love all aspects of veterinary medicine including surgery, dentistry, dermatology, and feline medicine. I am one of the instructors for our kitten class.


Hobbies:  I enjoy spending time and traveling with my two adult sons. I also enjoy reading and gardening.


I have two cats: Biggs is a 14 year old tuxedo cat with extra toes, and Loki is a 2 year old orange tabby.

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Roundworms in Dogs and Cats and the emerging Risk from Raccoons, 13461 views.
09 March 2006
Socializing Your New Kitten, 9866 views.
30 January 2007
Are Dog Parks Safe?, 9139 views.
05 January 2008
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Carolyn Karlin, DVM

Rice University, BA
University of Arizona, MA, Ph.D
University of Minnesota, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Areas of Interest

I have a special interest in animal nutrition, animal behavior, dental endodontics, and feline kidney disease.


Dr. Karlin shares her tiny bungalow with her husband, Travis, and the four laziest pets in the world. Her rescue dog, Tippilina, and three formerly-homeless cats, Mookie Wilson, Peeps (Peepimeister Smith), and Tima spend their time competing for prime real estate on the couch or in front of the heaters during the winter.

Heather Norton-Bower, DVM


Minnetonka High School, 1991  

B.A. in Biology,Carleton College, 1995.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of MN, 2002.


Areas of Interest

Special Interests in Veterinary Medicine:  I have a special interest in feline renal disease and diabetes, atopic dermatitis (a type of allergic skin disease), and animal behavior. Having done some agility training with my dogs, I always love to see other canine athletes!


Hobbies: When not at work, my husband and I are kept busy raising our three young children.   As much as I can, I enjoy being outdoors for camping or exercising.  On my Saturdays off you'll find me participating in some kind of race!


Professional Affiliations:

AmericanVeterinary Medical Association

MinnesotaVeterinary Medical Association


In the last several years, we have had to say good-bye to our two senior canine companions.  We're waiting for the human pets in the household to get a little older before starting over with hopefully both a cat and a dog!  For now,I enjoy my patients and the neighbor's dog, Hercules, a Jack Russell TerrierMix that tries to live up to his name!

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01 February 2013
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01 January 2014
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25 January 2015
Higher than normal alkaline phosphatase levels in dogs—What to make of it?, 61767 views.
02 February 2016
Excercise in the Winter Time, 1278 views.
11 February 2017
Caring for Our Mature Adult and Senior Feline Companions: “Doctor, is this just old age?”, 701 views.
Olivia Mirodone, DVM

High school : C.D. Loga - Timisoara, Romania

Veterinary school: Timisoara 1991 and Iowa State 1997


I graduated from Veterinary School in Romania in 1991, and then I completed my accreditation studies 

at Iowa State, where I graduated in 1997. 

Areas of Interest

Special interests in Veterinary Medicine:  I love every aspect of medicine, and mostly Internal medicine, gastroenterology, and dermatology. I take great joy from seeing healthy pets for their annual exam visits, and getting to see them grow from puppies and kittens into adults, and then to help them age gracefully and comfortably.  Also I find it very rewarding to get to know my patients' human families.


Hobbies: international travel, rock climbing, stained glass, SCUBA diving, good food, most of which I share with my husband Joe. 


Professional  affiliations:

Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association

American Veterinary Medical Association

American Animal Hospital Association

Minnesota Public Radio


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11 February 2017
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Valerie Aliano, DVM

BS 1980' DVM 1983, PennHIP Certification 1993

Areas of Interest

Soft tissue surgery, laser surgery, internal medicine - especially geriatric medicine, and emergency medicine and critical care.  

I am owned by 5 four legged individuals:

  • Kiwi, an 8 year old DSH I rescued as a kitten.  It was love at first sight!
  • Kaydence, a 6 yr old Rottweiler who was the naughtiest puppy ever!  Good thing he turned out to be such a sweet boy.
  • Kali, a 5 year old Rottweiler, very sweet girl if a little on the quirky side!
  • Kobi,  a 6 yr old Burmese.  Very petite but has a BIG voice.
  •  Kappaccino, a 4 yr old Burmese, the "scaredy cat" of the bunch but a stellar cuddler.


Kiwi, Kaydence, Kali, Kobi and Kappacino

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05 March 2016
Knowing when it's time to say goodbye..., 1194 views.
11 February 2017

Our Mission:

We provide the quality care our clients expect and their pets deserve, by relying on the expertise and
compassion of each team member.


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